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Eadem is an innovative skincare company steering the beauty industry away from tokenization, and towards the celebration of people of color and community. We worked with designer, Lotta Nieminen, and the Eadem team to bring their ecommerce experience to life and continue to lead their scoping and support needs.

Design Partner
Spring 2021

No more harmful ingredients. No more compromising. Eadem is redefining “traditional” beauty standards with first-of-its-kind technology.


    Introduces Eadem products and their key features and benefits.

    Shop All

    Introduces and lists all Eadem products in a collection format.

    Product Detail Page

    Highlights selling points to convince visitors to make a purchase.

    Beauty Burden

    Highlights the company's unique story and the team behind it.

“We love working with the team at Baggy - they're super responsive, extremely organized and great at what they do! They've found that sweet spot between functionality and simplicity, building us a beautiful and intuitive website.”

Marie Amouzame


Summer 2023

Brooklyn, NY


Shopify OS 2.0 x Baggy tooling with Vue.js and Tailwind