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Baggu model with travel bag

Working in a collaboration with Internet legend Ctrl+Alt+Del, we've been tasked with building and supporting the ecommerce experience for reusable bag and accessories company, Baggu.

A collaboration with Ctrl+Alt+Del

Summer 2021

Our objectives have been clear since the start—build out and support a conversion-focused experience geared for discoverability and ease-of-use.

    Baggu homepage mobile layout preview


    Introduces Baggu products and their key features and benefits.

    Baggu product detail page mobile layout preview

    Product Detail Page

    Highlights selling points to convince visitors to make a purchase.

    Baggu sustainability page mobile layout preview


    Highlights various sustainability initiatives from the Baggu team.

    Baggu sustainability page mobile layout preview


    Helps customers find information in a user-friendly format.


Headless Shopify x Sanity with Next.js and Tailwind

Baggu retail packaging close up
Baggu bag close up with colorful contents
Baggu model with bag over arm
Baggu cloud carry on bag with luggage
Baggu model in socks from back

"Baggy has supported the growth of our headless site over the last two years, making updates and new features not only possible, but a breeze. They find efficient solutions in a timely manner and maintain a transparent and communicative process."

Victoria Rickson

Ecommerce Manager

Summer 2023

San Francisco, CA