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Working in collaboration with Ctrl+Alt+Del, we built out and continue to support the ecommerce experience for Japanese-inspired reusable bag and accessories company, Baggu.

A collaboration with Ctrl+Alt+Del

Summer 2021

Our objectives from the start: build out and support a conversion-focused experience geared for discoverability and ease-of-use.


    Introduces Baggu products and their key features and benefits.

    Product Detail Page

    Highlights selling points to convince visitors to make a purchase.


    Highlights various sustainability initiatives from the Baggu team.


    Helps customers find information in a user-friendly format.


Headless Shopify x Sanity with Next.js and Tailwind

"Baggy has supported the growth of our headless site over the last two years, making updates and new features not only possible, but a breeze. They find efficient solutions in a timely manner and maintain a transparent and communicative process."

Victoria Rickson

Ecommerce Manager

Summer 2023

San Francisco, CA